William Rodriguez

Sunday, July 10, 2005


The Keymaster

"The Keymaster" is the story of William Rodriguez - a courageous man who helped hundreds of people with one key. A skilled illusionist and escape artist in Puerto Rico, William came to America to seek his fame, but never imagined that it would happen the way it did.

On September 11th, William had the only available master key to the North Tower staircase in the World Trade Center. He was the janitor in charge of cleaning the stairs. From the moment the first plane hit the building, he acted as a hero, guiding rescue workers and single-handedly saving 15 lives. He was the last person to escape as the building collapsed.

This is where the real story of heroism begins. William continues every day to champion for the rights of 9/11 immigrant survivors. He does this while unemployed and even homeless. As his own life collapses around him, he struggles to save himself and continue his mission.

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